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Welcome To South Shore, Boracoat Systems

Are the products to protect my home safe for my entire family? Hear what Dr. Aguilar has to say.
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Borates are used in hundreds of products and processes in ways that touch the lives of almost everyone. Major uses include glass production, detergent, agricultural applications, pesticides, and enamel and ceramic glazes. Borates are naturally-occurring insecticides and fungicides. In fact, products formulated from borates, such as Tim-bor and Bora-Care, cannot be synthesized or manufactured like conventional pesticides. Instead, borate insecticides and fungicides are derived from mineral deposits found chiefly in the western United States. more Info.

Home Owners
If you are a Home Owner and are considering a new home, please keep in mind that termintes and other wood destroying pests can and most likely attack your home during your life time. Why not protect it right the first time and save time and money later.

Construction Companies
Construction companies are starting to realize the importance of protecting a home the right way, from the beginning. If you are having homes built consider offering your customers an added benefit, offer them long term structure protection, by adding the BoraCoat System.

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