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South Shore Top 10 Asked Questions

1) Q. What is Boracoat?
A. Boracoat is a protective Borate treatment that is applied to the home during the framing stage. Two products are used in this process, Tim-Bor and Bora-Care. These products are derived from a refined borate mineral known as Borax.

2) Q. What are Borates?
A. Borates are derived form the element Boron, which is one of 109 elements found on the periodic table of elements.

3) Q. Is Boron safe?
A. Yes, Boron is found in the food you eat, water you drink, and in everyday household products that are essential to modern life.

4) Q. What are the pesticide qualities of Borates?
A. Borates attack the protozoa in the insect’s digestive tract preventing the insect from breaking down the wood, starving the insect.

5) Q. Are Borates effective against fungus?
A. Yes, it’s a contact toxicant (fungicide) to all wood destroying fungi, and will prevent dry rot.

6) Q. How do Borates work?
A. After application, Tim-Bor & Bora-Care penetrate deep into the wood where the mineral does not break down or dissipate, and continues to penetrate the lumber over time via capillary action and expansion and contractions due to changes in weather.

7) Q. How long will it last?
A. Because it’s a natural mineral, it will remain as long as the wood is in service.

8) Q. Can I apply Bora-Coat to my home after it is built?
A. Yes and No, the application will never be 100% thorough, due to the walls being established and most of the lumber is inaccessible. Simply put, you cannot get to everything when the home is completed, but you can get to some attic and garage areas.

9) Q. Does it affect other materials?
A. No, there are no known adverse affects to any commonly used building materials.

10) Q. Do we really need to do this?
A. Yes, studies show that your new home is the single most important investment. In the past, the homebuyer never had the opportunity to protect the structural integrity of their home, thus preventing costly future treatments, repairs, and exposure to toxic chemicals.

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