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South Shore has a couple of programs to address most any need of a new home builder. Our Boracoat System™ is applied in liquid form to the wood while it is in the framing stage, over the whole house. The active ingredient is Borate, an all-natural mineral mined by U.S. Borax. If a wood-destroying organism attacks the home after treatment, the organism ingests the borate and is unable to metabolize the wood, causing them to starve. In turn, the dead organisms are eaten and the borate is spread through the colony. The real value is that the borate doesn’t dissipate or break down over time, providing long-term protection. Our treatment plan addresses the whole house, protecting it against subterranean and airborne organisms. The product has proven itself over the past 75 years with the U.S. Forestry, Department of Agriculture, Australia, Hawaii, and most of the southern states.

We are ecologically sound and part of the “green” program in Ladera Ranch. As you read, you’ll find we have a quality product that will add value to your homes.

Standard Feature vs. Option
There are two main categories, one is the Standard Feature and the other is as an Option. When every house is to be treated, it is referred to as a Standard Feature.

There are many benefits to the Standard Feature over the Option. One is a quantity discount. The cost per square foot for the builder is less than with the option, saving the builder money and allowing for a greater profit from selling it to the homebuyer with a mark up. Scheduling for treatment of homes is less a problem with Mangers and trades on site. Protection is community wide decreasing the potential for infestation in the area. Generally, the Standard Feature has to be budgeted in prior to funding decisions, and this is difficult if a project is already under way. As a Standard there is minimal marketing involvement outside of informing homebuyers of this exceptional feature that will extend the structural longevity of their home.

Selling the treatment as an Option can be done any time prior to the roof being sheeted and requires less up front funds from the builder. The additional requirement for selling the Boracoat System as an Option, is increased marketing effort to the homebuyer. Our involvement is one of providing training, answering questions, and providing literature.

Three Treatment Plans
There are basically three types of treatments plans to choose from with each of these programs:

1. The Bora-care Two-foot Band provides protection against Subterranean termites and other ground level wood destroying organisms, but does not provide protection against Drywood Termites or other airborne wood destroying pests.
2. The Tim-bor Treatment to exposed wood provides borate protection to all the upper parts of the home, but doesn’t give the extra saturation to low-levels for combating Subterraneans thoroughly.
3. Lastly, the Boracoat System™ with the two-foot band using Bora-care to protect against Subterraneans, and the Tim-bor treatment to shield against airborne pests.

Treatment Plan #3 provides treatment to the entire home, and the best guarantee. It provides protection from all types of wood destroying organisms, fungus, and a number of other common household pests.

After a home has been treated, a tag is placed in the attic of the home, indicating type of treatment. Later, a copy of the original Inspection Report, Spray Report, and the Homeowner’s Guarantee are given to the builder’s homeowner team, who present this documentation to the homebuyer on final walk through. Another set of these documents are maintained on file in South Shore’s office for future reference and possible warranty claims.

Pricing is set after review of site plans, and is determined by the number of homes treated, complexity of construction, square footage, and accessibility. Generally, it retails at a $1.00 per square to the homebuyer. Many builders use us as a “standard feature”, while others prefer us as an “option”. The benefit of going “standard” no timing problems with application and construction schedules, it is one less decision for the homebuyer, a quantity discount for the builder, and community wide protection. We also treat community structures and out buildings.
Invoicing is handled on a per home basis.

Depending on which treatment plan is selected, we provide a one-, two-, five-, and ten-year limited guarantee. It is our goal to, in most cases, match the builder guarantee.

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