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Architects And Developers

With the drop in interest rates, more and more homeowners are upgrading and remodeling their homes, with this new source of funds. For many this is almost a complete rebuild, only leaving a couple of the old walls to work from. New lumber is brought in as walls go up, and sections of the original home are opened and available for potential treatment.
At ground level, a two foot treatment of Bora-Care is excellent for protecting access point when termites and other organisms may enter. Electrical conduits and plumbing going through raise floors and concrete slabs need to be treated. New rafters, eaves, and second floor walls should be treated with Tim-bor to protect against airborne organism like Drywood termites.

Old lumber will absorb the Tim-bor treatment often faster than new wood. This old wood can’t be guaranteed, but it can benefit from treatment. This is also a good time to repair areas with moisture and kill any existing fungal infections.

Treatment Plans

1. Two-foot band – treats the lower two feet of all walls with Bora-Care, especially those areas that are in close contact with the soil. Conduits and plumbing are also treated to prevent ground access. This is directed at subterranean termites.

2. Primary Lumber – this treats the house above the mudsill with Tim-bor, covering walls, rafters, attic, and eaves. This will protect against some subterranean infestation, but is mainly directed at airborne pests that swarm and enter the attic area.

3. Whole House – this is a combination of Plans 1 and 2, protecting the whole house from wood destroying organisms and fungi.

We also provide special treatment programs for builder’s staff on a promotional basis.

Pricing is set after review of site plans, and is based on the complexity of construction, square footage, and accessibility. This includes any existing wood that is treated to destroy any potential infestations, though this wood is not covered under our guarantee. Generally, it retails at a $1.00 per square. We also treat community structures and out buildings with invoicing handled on a per home basis.

Depending on which treatment plan is selected, we provide a one-, two-, five-, and ten-year limited guarantee. It is our goal to, in most cases, match the builder guarantee.

(Bora-Care and Tim-bor are registered trademarks of Nisus Corporation.)

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